Saturday, July 21, 2018

Why is Rogers’ punitive data pricing still a “thing”?

I am at the point now where I may just completely drop Rogers as my provider. I am being literally bled …

The TV charges are reasonable, but the Internet charges are too high. I never get the speeds I pay for. I got about 330mbps for years until they changed the firmware on the modem I owned (i.e. that they sold me) and slowed it down a lot. They basically forced to upgrade to 500mbps because they simultaneously wiped out my 250u package that had served so brilliantly for many years. I had to drop to 100 or jump to 500. I did the obviously for an extra 20 bucks.

Yet my 500mbps speeds have never materialized – I regularly see approximately 300mbps – which means that they are milking me for an extra 20 bucks a month for what has amounted to a drop in service. At least the modem is thrown in for “free” LOL.

Yet this ridiculous rip-off is not even the main point of this article. Rather, it is the sudden increase in the cost of having a wireless phone plan.

There are three of us on my plan and this has always been workable, but recently I have been stung multiple months in a row by Rogers’ refusal to stop my data when it runs out, leading to massive fees that I would happily avoid if there were a way to do that short of checking my data plan every hour when things get dicey.


Rewind – I pay a huge fee ($115) for 15GB of shared data and I have even added a top-up of a lousy 3 extra GB for an extra $30 per month. Once that runs out, I am happy to have the data stop completely and have asked for that. But Rogers always allows the data to get into an overage by 1GB so they can add another $50 onto the bill, which is already insanely high. That’s $195 per month for those who are counting. JUST FOR THE DATA PORTION OF THE PLAN.

We have to all admit that the world has changed pretty dramatically over the last few years, and data is used a lot more than ever before. Apple continues to make phones that are tuned from the factory to give the providers their pound of flesh. You have to turn everything off to make that stop. But even when you do that, people who travel on the bus for the many hours it takes to cross this city tend to look at their phones. And much of the content these days is in video form. I have had their “stream saver” feature turned on forever, but it does not help much. Basically, the least that Rogers could do is stop the flow of money when the data runs out.

We Canadians pay the highest fees in the world when you look at the graphs, and those graphs do not even discuss the predatory practices that are thrown on top to milk us even harder. So what do we have to do to get a fair shake?

The CRTC had them under control for what, 5 minutes?, with the forced tab transparency before things went back pretty much to what passes for normal in this world …