Friday, December 25, 2015

Fujifilm Announces New Firmware Update for the X-T1

We have found a malfunction in the firmware ver.4.20 launched on December 17 2015, which rarely causes freeze when shooting in AF-C mode. So we will suspend the disclosure of this firmware right away. We apologize for your inconvenience which this may cause. We will post an upgraded firmware around the end of January 2016 to solve it. As a tentative solution for customers who have upgraded their cameras to firmware ver.4.20, we have prepared the new firmware version of 4.21 whose functions are same as the previous version of 4.10. Please update your cameras to ver.4.21 to avoid the malfunction.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

One of Harper’s almost-legacies …

This is one of the effects of fracking from a town in Pennsylvania …

Even more impressive is the YouTube video from whence that came …

Remember the good ole days four years ago in 2011 when it was reported that Harper’s government had the power to stop fracking if the Council of Canadian Academies review suggested that it should be done?

And of course, since that time we all know what Harper did. He destroyed academic capability, ignored all academic and other expert input, muzzled all scientists – both public and private sector, and went merrily along the way with his pro-Alberta / burn down Ottawa’s power from the inside agenda.

He accomplished a lot of his goals and the Liberal government has a long row to hoe in order to get Canada back to being functional as more than just a place that big corporations go to rape and pillage the land for our resources.

We should thank our lucky stars every single day that Canada finally saw through Harper’s dictator style; his outright lies about the economy that he and his government (many of whom are coming out now and suggesting that they privately did not agree with his agenda) destroyed; and the freedoms he almost stole through his insidiously divisive politics.

Every day since the his ejection by election of a much better man is a great day for Canada.