Sunday, August 24, 2008

Finally back from Tralfamadore ...

Yes, it's been 4 months ... I started traveling right after my last blog entry in April, and didn't stop until mid-June ... I managed to get to Boston, London (UK), Phoenix and Orlando in that time. I enjoyed it, but was happy when it paused.

Meanwhile, the boys and I took in The Hip and Wintersleep at Bluesfest here in Ottawa, and then Radiohead in Montreal's Jean Drapeau park. Excellent concerts, all.

What else ... played some golf, sucked at it. Nick's busted the hundred mark 4 or 5 times this year ... I'm still waiting. But for two holes (a 9 and a 10) I had last time we played ... but alas, I shot a 108. Man, I really suck. Playing with Nick can be quite interesting ... he plays a form of golf known widely as "whack, fuck" ... which of course describes the reaction after almost any shot :-)

Anyway ... I hope to blog of few of the trips and concerts going forward ... there is a trip coming up to the UK ... Nick leaves for Leeds University in about 3 weeks, Jon and I are off to visit London a week later. We hope to meet in London to catch A midsummer Night's Dream at the Globe Theater ... I caught King Lear when I was there in May. A real experience ... not to be missed.