Monday, August 28, 2017

Sneaky Rogers and their Internet Plans

Make no mistake, Rogers’ technology is first rate and the reliability is pretty decent. Of course, every so often my internet performance goes into the toilet against what I pay for, and it is in fact ripping me off a bit right now. But all in all, it could be much worse. 

Example: I just returned from Winnipeg, where MTS and Shaw have divided up the market and the performance is terrible (on MTS) while the reliability can be terrible (on Shaw), so you have few options, and fewer good ones (as in none).

But … Rogers is not shy about dicking around with the plans, and they recently created a huge gap in service, eliminating my 250u plan completely. They dropped the performance at the $99 price point from 250Mbps down / 20 Mbps up to 150Mbps down / 15Mbps up. This is pretty shameless because those of us who like or need 250Gbps are now completely stuck. And frankly, the system continues to downgrade my performance periodically so that I have to call. This does not help and eventually the service seems to recover. Right now, I get 250 / 10, which is not what I am paying for.


So these lovely new plans are actually forcing me to upgrade and pay 20 bucks more per month, and for that privilege, I get to have my upload speeds restored!

I mean …. come on, does the CRTC really turn a blind eye to such blatant bate and switch tactics?