Monday, July 20, 2015

Amazing Perspective

It is rare that an image splits so perfectly into two haves that you think it is actually two images. And then your mind resets and you realize that the sky is actually water …

Such a great capture …

Friday, July 17, 2015

Evernote – Once the most useful free tool on the planet … just a little less useful today …

Evernote has discovered what most of the industry has discovered – that subscription models can make you rich. They have always had a subscription premium option, but I am a light user and so have never needed to pay for premium.

And they no doubt realized that this was limiting their income because the free product was simply too good.

Now, the usual response would be to beef up the premium offering and price it just right. But Evernote came up with the unique idea of an intermediate plus price point at just a little too high a price and then stole one of the most useful features from the free version to make that version saleable.

Here is what happens now when you send a copy of an email to your Evernote inbox:


That is just harsh …

p.s. Note that it suggests that I have reached my daily limit. That’s bollucks, since it is the first email I have sent to Evernote today. The 5 emails limit is now a lifetime limit until you upgrade. There was never a limit before.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Published in the Citizen again this week … Ourtown section

Lots to do in the city this summer …

Grab a copy of the Ottawa Citizen newspaper this Thursday and get the whole scoop for the coming week in the Ourtown section.


Thanks go to Robbi Hay, the editor of Ourtown, for using one of my images once again.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Lightroom People Search – An embarrassment …

Lightroom has always been a pretty frustrating application. A truly excellent concept with truly awful performance. Just getting into the ballpark of tolerable requires that you use a very fast multi-core processor and have multiple fast disks and tons of RAM. Anything less and you will want to commit hara kiri on a daily basis.

But even with a monster machine, turning on people mode will make you want to throw things at your screen. Seriously.

The user interface acts like it was written by high school students. I cannot detect any separation of GUI and worker threads and the areas of sensitivity and responsiveness make no sense whatsoever.

Even when performing it a folder at a time, the performance never gets any better.

You can’t put it in the background to run against the whole library because even with its thread priority lowered it will cause your mouse to jerk from place to place quite often. It is able, even at low priority, to make your system feel like it is from 1988.

I just wish that they would do a little professional coding and keep the user interface responsive with notifications and status attached to each face so that you can know what the system thinks is happening at any given moment. With the proper use of low priority threads, this thing could be absolutely amazing chugging away while you work on other stuff.

Who writes code like that?

And if you want to see how many people agree … take a look: