Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Published in the Ottawa Citizen tomorrow, 20 July 2017

Thanks once again to Robbi Hay, editor of the Ourtown section of the Ottawa Citizen for using my work. This is my favourite image of all of those I submitted to the Citizen. I love hummingbirds and this one is cheekily looking back at me as if to ask why?


Pick up a copy of the Citizen tomorrow to see what’s happening in and around Ottawa in the upcoming weeks …

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Has Microsoft Lost Control of their Developers?

See this thread:

I love Outlook 2016 as it is the best email client I have ever used. I have all emails that I have ever received (and thought were worthy of preserving) stored in my inbox and archives since 1997 or thereabouts.

But in the last update cycle (a few weeks ago), some MORON implemented a deletion sound without implementing a way to turn it off.

This has made Outlook a nightmare to use day to day.

The thread referenced above says that the only way to fix the problem is to globally turn off all sound in Microsoft Office.

Have they lost their ability to control their developers’ worst instincts? Did some intern have a brain fart and no one noticed? Or do they think this is acceptable in some way?

I have gone from loving Outlook to hating it in only a few weeks.

EDIT: The article above suggests going to “Advanced/General” in the Excel options, but I found the “provide feedback with sound” to be in the Accessibility section. Switching it off *did* work, though, so that is the fix. No sound in all of Office fixes this horrid mistake by someone at Microsoft.