Friday, September 8, 2017

Fuji Releases the X-E3 and related goodies … and they are so pretty :-)

I used to be big in the Fuji camp, but that was because they were doing great things in compacts. At some point, compacts stopped appealing and the market collapsed. Thanks to the smart phone of course. Their cameras are as good as or better than most of the cheaper compacts ever were.

But Fuji got clever and moved upmarket with the X series of cameras. Their advanced compacts are pretty well spec’ed and liked, cameras like the X10 through the X30 for example. The latest model is pretty special according to its users.

I went a different way … into Nikon dSLRs, away from those to the m4/3 system, then back to Nikon dSLRs with my last m4/3 body – the GX85 – as my travel kit with the 12-32 pancake lens and the tiny but very sharp 45-150 Panasonic lens. These together give me an effective range of 24 to 300, which is pretty good in a tiny kit with an excellent sensor.

Back to Fuji … they are showing us that a camera can be sized reasonably and still have superb image quality and advanced mirrorless features. This makes Fuji a possible compromise system for me, and something I will have to seriously consider.

Meanwhile, here are the new toys … enjoy Smile





Gorgeous in black. But how about silver?





It’s small and slick with Fuji’s now standard old-school controls. They look terrific. It reminds me enough of the Panasonic GX85 to consider it as a replacement.

Let’s keep going …

XF80 2.8 Macro



X-E3_Silver_FrontObl XF80mmF2.8Macro

This looks great, even on this rather small body. It would be mandatory were I ever to jump into Fuji whole hog.

And finally …

GF45 2.8



GF45mmF2.8_R_WR_Vertical (2)

That’s some g.a.s. bait for sure.