Friday, April 17, 2015

Rogers IGNITE 500u (was 250u) Internet – INSANE SPEEDS! ** Updated 17 January 2019 **

For those who may have noticed a drop in their speeds on the legacy 250u service -- and especially upload speeds -- lately, there is a fix. If you are eligible, have Rogers swap your older model for the new Gigabit modem. This restores your previous speeds because they changed the protocols, which in my case dropped my upload speeds to the lower amount og the nearest plans (because that's all the older modems are now capable of). My speeds came back to what I pay for immediately. Scroll down to the Aug-Sep time frame for 2017 to see what I mean.

It turns out that the new Rogers IGNITE bundles are the smokin’ deal of the century. I had the Hybrid Fiber 60 plan with the addition of unlimited bandwidth and the basic modem rental, which at the time was a pretty excellent deal as I documented ad nauseum here:

Edit: I’m not so sure about the quality of the deal I am getting. The prices have gone through the roof and I will have to call Rogers to threaten to leave again just to get some relief. This is the most tiresome aspect of letting the big network lobby set policies indirectly.

When I noticed that the Internet packages had changed, I checked out the availability in my neighbourhood and found that I could get all the packages for the first time! AND the cost of the 250u package is actually lower than what I was paying already, since it includes unlimited bandwidth and the advanced modem rental already. And that modem is the new Rocket modem, which I have to say is the fastest thing I have ever seen.

So far that the 250Mbps is actually over 300Mbps …

I cannot say enough about this package … the price is right and the speed is staggering ….

What the heck are you waiting for?

(And yes, it’s not cheap … but the value is immense.)

19 April – Just in case it was a fluke, I thought maybe I should test it again … and …

Wow …

21 April – Noon time … just checking how daytime speeds hold up. Pretty well, I have to say Smile

13 May 2015

We had a major Internet outage yesterday, which turned out to be the cable burying crew come buy to finish the replacement of the cable from the green box in a neighbour’s back yard. This took about 20m and everything went back to normal, which is to say … amazing.

That is effectively a tie with my fastest ever result … and it cam in the middle of the afternoon when I tested to see if there was a reason for a long write cycle for a small bit of data on a mail server. Well, not at my end :-)

I can’t stress enough how absolutely incredible these speeds are. and for basically what I used to pay for 1/4 the download speed.

30 August 2015

After several days of difficulties, where the upload speeds were between 9 and 11, I finally got a good run with the Telus server in Toronto. The server in Kanata, which is only 5 miles from here, is a total dog. The one at Nexicom, which used to be my favourite, seems to have limits of 11Mbps upload … so Telus is it …

20 October 2015

It's been a while since I tested and I must admit that I am always surprised at how fast this service is day to day. Still loving it ...

27 November 2015

Both Kanata and Toronto are fast these days …

6 July 2016 – Mid day … the highest speeds in both directions that I have ever recorded!!

Rogers is not sitting on their laurels …

2 August 2016

Having problems today. Using the Telus site in Toronto, I can get good download speeds, but upload speed sucks on every site today. Will be calling them when I get a moment …

6 August 2016

The performance of our 250u Ignite is in the literal toilet. This is 10:36pm on a Saturday evening. WTAF?

The issue has been going on now for a month, of which I was away from home for 75% of the time. I finally had time to complain to Rogers at the end of last week. They sent me an email yesterday apologizing for a delay in fixing the issue. I tested the link today just for S&Gs and the result was better on the download side -- 330 mb/s and very quick jump to that speed, but the upload side peaked at 11 mb/s, which is about half what I pay for. It too was smooth in its acceleration curve, which is a big improvement over a few weeks ago. So here's hoping they get it together soon.

And finally, it is fixed as of 14 September 2016!

After 6 weeks in performance purgatory, Rogers has fixed my line. Note that they did not send a final email indicating that the issue is fixed, but I noticed this morning that web performance had low latencies for the first time in a while, so I tested performance using my favourite server (Telus in Toronto.) And the results are again magnificent.

The moral of the story is of course to test now and again and stay on top of Rogers to maintain their excellent speeds. If something feels wrong, it probably is.

Two weeks later, on 28 September 2016 …

Can’t complain about that …

21 October 2016

Still tracking the highest possible speeds. Looking good.

28 August 2017 -- 8 September 2017

Rogers is performing extremely poorly again. It is 3:16am on 28 August 2017 and the internet should be flying. But it is barely crawling when measured against my usual 320Mbps download and 21Mbps upload speeds. Sigh.

I ran it three times this morning and it recorded 320, 309 and now 293Mbps down. Of course, we are at the peak demand time right now for businesses in Toronto, so I cannot judge my usual speeds by this. Suffice it to say that the download speed is well within the norms of what I expect from Rogers. But the upload remains locked at 11Mbps, which tells me that this is no accident. Someone has downgraded my account for the second time in a year. This is really irritating.

And it is finally fixed. As you may have read in the block quote at the top of the article, speeds dropped when Rogers changed the plans and the modems, introducing the Gigabit modem for the super high speeds. I now have the speeds I pay for once again and remain very pleased with 250u.

Ignite 500u

A new era … I got this because my loyalty package would have costs pretty much the same as my now-defunct 250u.

First test:


<cough> Holy shit!

29 Jan 2018

I’ve not been overwhelmed by the performance of this link. It is fast, no doubt, but it is not really any faster than 250u was before they changed everything to accommodate the new GB modems.

This is actually a bit slower than it used to be under 250u, and this result is fairly typical of the best servers, with most servers not getting to these numbers. So I have to say that real-world performance of 500u is fairly disappointing.

Of course, if I want to get my jollies, I can always just go back to Rogers’ own speed demon test, which confirms that their own network can sustain ultra-speeds. After all, with net neutrality under attack, ISPs will be the last domain pf pure, unfettered speeds.

Interestingly, Rogers’ own network cannot quite match the upload speeds of the real-world, but their download speeds double the real-world. If only I could do all my computing on Rogers’ own network.

14 February 2018 – Valentine’s Day

Perhaps it is fitting that Rogers is spreading some love on this particular day with speeds that are starting to look like those I have been paying for …

Now that’s looking like a serious connection speed …

25 April 2018

I just installed a new TP-Link AC2300 router to replace my aging Airport Extreme. This new router has many new and powerful features, including 3x3 MU-MIMO for 3 independent streams to the router (with appropriate adapters of course) and the AC standard, which offers better performance over wifi with longer reach and stronger connections. But what I did not expect was the better wired performance. Wow …

This is my Macbook Pro wired …

These speeds come and they go, but I am really pleased with this kind of performance.

29 August 2018

Back from holiday and was curious as to how things were running. Cannot say that I am disappointed, but it would be nice to get what I pay for more often. Still, this is fast …

7 January 2019

I had so much trouble this morning – terrible speeds (30mbps down, 10 up) and things looked bleak on all my machines. So I performed an update to the modem, which means unplugging and waiting 30s then plugging in again. After it came back up (and there was a delay that I think indicates that it received a new build) I rebooted my external WiFi router as well and then went upstairs to test. I connected to my main machine – Megapixel – which is a decently fast machine with excellent hard wired networking. And I finally got what I am paying for after years of wondering why the speeds were the same as on my old 250u.

I have been seriously contemplating the switch to Bell Fibe networking, which works very well at the office, but my neighbourhood continues to have mediocre speeds, topping out at about 100mbps … which would send me back most of a decade. Anyway, if you are running Rogers and are not happy with your Internet performance, I think it is time to perform a full reset. Remember to wait the 30s as you want the system to notice when you reconnect and to update the cable modem. Best of luck.

17 February 2019

Just sayin’ ….