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The following is my list of video logs, maintained periodically.

The Playlist in its Entirety

This is a secondary access point with a bit more information versus my YouTube playlist, which can be played here:

In order then:

Video Log 1 -- "The Ramble"

December 12, 2012
This is a 15 minute ramble describing my intent to do some VLOGging and showing a few things like the low light prowess of the Panasonic G5 and the difference between the sound on my Logitech Webcam 200, my TASCAM DR-05, and the G5. Plus, I show all three audio streams mixed for the first half of the video.

Video Log 2 -- "The Woods"

December 13, 2012
This is a shorter video shot in the woods on a grey day with softly falling snow. It is still a bit unstructured but introduces some real audio challenges and shows me shooting images with several lenses, with the results embedded in the video.

Video Log 3 -- "Panasonic GX1 Bounce Flash"

January 12, 2013
This video discusses and demonstrates the very cool built-in flash of the GX1 and its ability to bounce off the ceiling for very nice light.