Thursday, November 29, 2012

WINZIP and AVG partner to be the world’s most annoying virus … *UPDATED*

I fricken HATE (HATE, HATE) tools that cheat to get you to install toolbars and search engines form their partners so that they can scan a dime from you.

I restarted a Winzip 17 installation and realized on one panel that I’d forgotten to unclick the AVG crap on the previous wizard page, so I clicked “back” and unclicked the two check boxes, then proceeded forward.

Half way through the installation I realized that it was not going to work to restart my trial so I cancelled and then uninstalled.

But guess what? Winzip went ahead and installed AVG into several locations, despite my unchecking of the boxes.



I now have to clean AVG out of all my browsers, which often takes a few tries. These guys are a virus, plain and simple. They bulldoze their way onto your computer and they waste your time trying to clean up their shit all over your machine.


Winzip is uninstalled also, even though I have been a customer for a decade. But I’ve had it with them. I think I will look for an alternative.

UPDATE: I disabled it and it is still coming up in IE … piece of shit!!!!!

OMFG!!!! I removed it this time and it came up anyway!!!! F*CK!

UPDATE June 2016: I dumped WINZIP almost immediately after writing this article. For a number of years now, I have happily used 7ZIP ever since. It is actually superior to WinZip in several ways that include a lack of shovelware and cross platform support, and it is free. There is no contest whatsoever. So WinZip did me a favour by so blatantly attacking my machine.