Sunday, June 6, 2010

DPReview says “Stop Annoying People” – Banned Again!

In an astounding turn of events, I woke up this morning to a ban … just a short 1 day break … but a ban nonetheless. Now, I have been banned enough that I have become very careful to stay out of petty bickering.

The only thread that could possibly have led to a bunch of complaints would have been one of Alan’s (ASR45) threads in which he posted some horrid images and I critiqued them. But I was dead right and proved it with a couple of examples. It was a *technical* critique ... nothing personal. This ban was completely unjustified.

Edit: I just verified it and *yes* … my examples have been deleted. Alan, one of the most childish of all of the posters at FTF, had it removed and complained. It is possible that Brad99, one of Alan’s new sycophants, also complained because he tried to argue that these images were actually good. See for yourself by clicking through here … you won’t see me prove that there is rampant barrel distortion, but I did.

Stunningly, several people apparently complained and the mods sat me out with no attempt to find out how petty these complaints really were … and since I used clips of his images and they have been deleted, no doubt Alan claimed copyright (which is of course bollucks, since I can easily claim fair use for educational purposes.) I assume that Alan framed his complaint with the words “waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!”


I have railed against this tendency to give over control of the asylum to the inmates before … but never has it been so blatant as with this specific ban.

It’s just shocking that such a childish tactic as complaint button pressing (it is called the “baby button” now by anyone mature enough to see it for what it is) STILL WORKS!


r said...


ASR45's flower images are consistently, CONSISTENTLY, not sharp, they have a fogged over look. The architecture shots show up sharper, but yeah, of course there is uncorrected distortion, he does nothing of the kind.

These members of FTF are turning it into a weeping pustule.

The admins are more concerned with getting complaints than straightening things out by informing the baby button pushers that they should chill out. In effect, they should start shooting the messenger, because the messenger is the problem.

mats c said...

Maybe you´re at the wrong forums at dpreview :-)

On the Canon forum you´rr getting some credits.

"Over on the Fuji Talk Forum there were discussions on each. One of the positive contributions by Kim Letkeman can be found in his evaluation of the F70 and also on his blog. His blog is worth checking out. Searching the FTF is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Kim Letkeman said...

Thanks r ... I agree. Very strange ... was on a photo shoot all day (medieval knights and such followed by models in an old water processing plant) ... so I spent no time thinking about DPR. Yet it's still annoying that they let such childish tactics work ... I mean, the guy doesn't like me ... so fricken what? Show up and debate instead of pressing the baby button like a, well, baby.

Kim Letkeman said...

Mats, many thanks for that. How unusual to have my Fuji work referenced in another forum. Very cool ... and thanks to "v steffel" for pointing people to it to avoid them getting lost in the menus and hating on Fuji unnecessarily.

Lili said...

Kim, I feel the complaint button has a plsce; say for spammers or blatant abuse.
However for simply disagreements, use of this tool is silly.
Rather like little children on the playground saying; "I hit him back before he hit me first!"
Shreckilicher Kinder!
I am glad to see you getting credit, your reasoned testing and defence of the F70 is much appreciated here!
Heck, as we say in Texas, y'all even changed your mind a bit about the HS10 and rather like it now.