Monday, July 12, 2010

Morris Jensen Paints Me!

Well, one of my images actually.

I’ve had a conversation with Morris on the DPChallenge site, one of the better challenge sites around in my opinion. He asked permission to paint one of my images, and I asked for an attribution on his site where the painting is displayed. I must say that I am really, really pleased with the result.

Here’s a small version of his image:


The image on his site is in the hiking and camping section:

My original image:


And a Draganized version:


The Dragan version hung in the lobby gallery at my office building for a year, and several people asked for copies of this image in 12x18 size to frame. It’s quite popular.

This was shot on my first walk in the woods with the D300 and new Nikon 300 F4 AFS. I shot from tripod, a Feisol 3471 with Markins M20L ball head. I was very pleased with this result.

And I’m very pleased to have Morris paint it. Go have a look.


r said...

CONGRATS! What an honor. Lots of mileage (pun) out of one photo between the lobby display and now the painting. I like the Draganized version.

Kim Letkeman said...

Thanks. That photo is one of my faves as it was something I simply stumbled across. I didn't move the boots, I never got closer than about 8 feet.

lwiley said...

Great image Kim. The Morris version appears to be gone now. :(

Kim Letkeman said...

lwiley: Thanks for the head's up! I checked and it is still there, but the URL has changed. That's a no no of course, but I've solved it by referencing the main index everywhere and explaining that it is in the hiking and camping section. I also included a smaller version so that the image of the painting is preserved for posterity. Again, thanks.