Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What happened to Microsoft?

Remember when Microsoft was one of the true leaders, with the technically brilliant Bill Gates leading the charge to the Internet and the whole company in step behind him? When we saw quotes about upcoming products, it was either Bill or one of his senior program managers speaking. This is as it should be and certainly always was for Apple in the days of Steve Jobs.

Fast forward to Microsoft today, after the lost decade in which it has all but disappeared from the discussion. I like Windows 8, but only because the third party vendors have filled the serious gaps. The upcoming Windows Blue will no doubt make their lives miserable, and will answer the questions as to Microsoft’s plan to address the much-maligned Windows 8’s future.

So who is quoted today as saying the floodgates are going to open? Steve Balmer, the CEO? Perhaps the division head of Windows? A senior program manager (using old Microsoft titles here, not sure if they even exist today.)

No … a chief financial officer of the Windows division.


So the accountant of the division is getting interviewed about this key technical innovation to answer the analysts and critics.

My, how things have changed in the mother ship.