Saturday, June 29, 2013

It’s about time …


I was literally stunned when Ontario voters gave our Conservative party the majority in the last federal election. The government had already prorogued parliament twice to escape close scrutiny, they were lobbying for harsher drug laws (instead of something progressive like legalization), they were pushing megaprisons (a US model that is proven to not work), and they were buying jets and quite publicly misleading us over the costs, at least according to many articles that came out around that time.

Yet they got a majority.

Well now, it seems that the population at large is as sick of these antics as I am. And it’s about fricken time.

Of course, it really helps that the Liberal party no longer has an embarrassment at the head but in fact has a strong young leader with fresh ideas and an incredible pedigree. The NDP lost Jack Layton (r.i.p) recently and is fading fast in my opinion as a credible alternative. So maybe we can get back to a two horse race and finally get the government we deserve after so many years wandering in the political desert …