Saturday, November 13, 2010

DCResources Reviews the F300EXR … And Makes the Same Mistakes As DPReview did with the F80EXR

I railed against DPReview for their work on the F80EXR because, although they shot the F80EXR in 6mp mode in one section, they reviewed it as a 12mp cam at the time. I think they have SN mode in their interactive image comparison tool now, but at the time they reviewed the cam at 12mp, and this caused it to come off pretty bad.

I’ve also written before that none of the major review sites get this right.

And it just happened again with DCResource. Although he mentions in look and feel that the SN mode is better than downsizing the image, and he even notices that shooting in 6mp mode without using EXR modes gets you pretty close, he then proceeds to shoot the low light (city at night) scene in 12mp mode! Of course, the camera does not look good starting at about 400ISO.

Now … even Fuji marketing cannot be blames here, much as I like to. They market it as having three modes, one of which is SN mode, also called “High ISO & Low Noise”, a fact of which he is perfectly aware as he shoots the test:


And yet he shot only one series of images at night and in the incorrect mode.

I wish some of the traditional sites would get this right … just select SN mode and repeat the test to show that the camera is not without merit in low light.

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