Saturday, November 16, 2013

Snow Tire Time … the last warm sunny day comes out of nowhere to make it really easy :-)

But there was a cloud on the horizon … the rinky dink toy hydraulic jack that I have used for years has been a pain in the butt for equally as long. It hates lifting the CRV because it needs to sit on 4 inches of platform just to be able to reach. And today this contraption tipped over and the CRV rolled off of it.

That was it as far as I was concerned, so I dashed off to Canadian Tire and bought the real deal. A 2.25 ton (3 is better, but none in stock) monster designed for low profile cars (which really came in handy when I tried to sneak it under the Mazda’s skirts) … it dwarfs the lowly toy as shown here:

f770exr  iso125  f/3.5  1/30  4.6mm (24mm efl)

I changed the CRV’s tired in record time, since I was only moving the jack around and not the dang platform (which consisted of a pair of chunks of 2x10) …

And the Mazda went even faster …

And in a fit of clear thought (so rare these days :-) I switched from the air gun to a tire gauge / filler attachment and set all the tires on both cars to the recommended values (26psi for the CR-V and 35psi for the Mazda 3.)

I am always pleased when I don’t actually waste the whole weekend :-)

By the way … have you got your snow tires on?  It’s time …