Monday, October 19, 2015

The Empire Strikes Out?

I have been pretty vocal during this election about the evil that is our current government and its “might as well be a” dictator …

He runs things like this is his personal kingdom and he is the Emperor … you know, from the Star Wars Empire :-)

So I got inspired earlier and cooked up an image of what I am so dearly hoping is about to happen … and as the first polls show a strong Liberal performance, I think I will unveil it now …


We can all hope that this plays out ….




And so we have a historic majority for the Liberals. A good portion of the country saw that the emperor no longer had any clothes and that it was time to try something a bit different from the democracy-bashing, corruption-ridden, ideology-challenged, corporate-pandering, croney-favouring, science-hating decade that was ...