Wednesday, January 4, 2017

About.COM as Sleazy as Ever **MAJOR UPDATE**

UPDATE: just announced that they are shutting down on 15 March 2017. It was a “tough” decision, but they are going to concentrate on their new site … wait for it … VERYWELL.COM!

OH …… MY …… GOD.

Caloriecount has been the best of its type for years, and verywell is such weak sauce by comparison. I’m betting on a negative outcome, but maybe they will rally and do something competent with the new site after the migration. Wiping out a best in class site just plain sucks.

I use a site called Calorie Count that provides a very useful service for those working on lifestyle changes, which I am once again.

Quite suddenly, this afternoon, the Food Log stopped working, redirecting instead to’s new site “verywell”, which purports to be a kinder, gentler health site. They have a fancy (read: pretentious) page announcing their board members and so on.


Some of the site still works … but many subsections have been hacked to redirect to verywell. It’s a stunningly brazen criminal act in my opinion.

I’ve always felt that was a hack site, and their hijack of confirms it for me.

I hope “verywell.ripoff.artists” crashes in flames for this dirty trick.


Turns out that my other computers do not do this, so I was mistaken. did not hack the site, but rather they hacked (virused) my main computer. Since I am pretty scrupulous about installations and clicking on anything suspicious, this is a tour de force of sleaze on their part. What scum.