Sunday, March 9, 2008

Running out of words ...

... to describe this winter ... I went out to pick Nick up at a party at 1:30am Sunday, 9 March (today) and was treated to a scene that felt strangely like I was watching Dante's Peak as Pierce Brosnan guided his 4x4 through the leavings of a pyroclastic flow and cloud of dust after a volcanic eruption. It had that closed in, will the next street actually be passable, feeling. Kind of fun, if you don't mind the possibility of leaving your can abandoned in the middle of a road somewhere in the middle of the night ...

When we got home (which really wasn't that far), I ran in and grabbed the camera while Nick ooohed and aaahed over the largest amount of snow we've had in his lifetime. I went out into the street and shot some images at 6400iso to try to capture the amount of snow we had already (and it was still falling.)

When I got to the front door, totally frozen since I did not have gloves on, Nick was just coming outside all dressed in ski gear to play in the yard. Since he's 20, one would not be amiss if one thought that he must have had something to drink at that party :-)

So I shot some images of him playing there. He was totally blown away by how much snow we had ... and by the fact that he could stand on our snowbank at the end of our driveway with his feet beside the yield sign.

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