Sunday, March 2, 2008

In like a lion?

So March has arrived, and we got a nice big pile of snoe at the very end of February ... I wonder if that qualifies as "in like a Lion" ... it was still snowing very lightly yesterday (the 1st) and there was probably quite a bit of snow dumped over night. Yes, I think we'll consider it to be lion-like.

Which means that it should go out like a lamb ... which would be quite the relief after using the snow blower as often as we've had to this year. I was out yesterday for an hour or more clearing it all out yet again. We now have packed snow on the roads, which looks pretty, but clearly indicates that we've had way too much of the white stuff.

Here are a few images I shot this morning to record the height of the snowbanks and the general prettiness of the neighbourhood with this much snow on it ...

The nice rounded banks haven't had time yet to collect the ugly grime that forms on them in spring.

A wide view of the street shows how narrow it has become ... we've lost something like 3 feet on each side to the encroaching snow ...

The snow bank next to our driveway is over the cars, which makes it interesting for those who walk their dogs around that corner. I imagine they are much safer on the other side, which is good because I dislike the look of yellow holes in the edge of my driveway ... which reminds my of the old tip to avoid eating yellow snow. Now why did that come to mind ...

The following image shows how well the D300 handles d-lighting to simulate higher dynamic range. I didn't do anything to open these shadows, yet they are perfectly visible next to the sun blasting on the snow. I must admit that this cam is way ahead of anything I've ever used in its ability to deliver nice tones on contrasty days. Way to go Nikon.

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