Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fuji X100 at Photokina 2010 – Forums go Wild! – Camera evolution changed forever!

The evolution of the camera has come full circle and there is change in the wind, apparently thanks to a modest yet expensive compact camera from Fuji … the soon to be crowned X100 if its many (instant) fans have anything to say about it.

I feel that this may permanently shift the direction in which manufacturers go from here on. No longer satisfied to baffle us with so many complex features that only get in the way of the essence of photography, this new thrust will more and more connect the photographer directly to the instrument. This will truly embody the notion of the “camera just getting out of the way” to allow the capture of the perfect moment.

I can’t wait to see the response of the big guns … after all, they have been tortured by the appearance of many relatively compact cameras with lots of features and interchangeable lenses with the fairly small 4/3” sensor. Now, Fuji raises the stakes by increases sensor size yet reducing control … if Canikon were worried before, they must be expelling bricks with the X100 on the horizon.

I see it playing out rapidly … perhaps over two or three years … simplification being the hallmark of this new era, I think we can look to the past as our guideline. I foresee a wonderful renaissance for photography as a hobby for everyone …

camera_evolution[1]You heard it here first …


Unknown said...

Altho I bespoke great raise unto Fuji for this camera, I do NOT feel it to be the end-all-be-all.
I adored my Hexar and still do.
But Digital has changed my tastes and eye.
I took the Hexar and my F200 out to play; I used the Fuji and zoomed far more than I had realized.
Will be posting the results from the 200 tonight.
Suffice to say I feel strongly enough now that I splurged and got myself a gift; a 14-150mm Zuiko for my m4/3 E-PL1.
So not getting the F300 for now.
The Oly is larger but so is the sensor and I am feeling well enough to take the bigger cam with more.
Will post some from that combo soon as well.

Kim Letkeman said...

Somehow, I get the feeling that my tongue-in-cheekiness was too subtle :-)

Say, I was not aware that you were ill. I hope everything is ok.

Nice gift for yourself. That will be a superb combo I suspect.

Wayne said...

Hi Lilianna! I also didn't know that you weren't feeling well, and am happy that you are feeling better. I am very intrigued with the EP1 and your new lens, so I'm interested in your impressions!

Kim: very interesting entry, and I hope that you are right about the move to simplification. Love the "massive shift" image! What the heck is the final evolution pictured LOL!

Wayne N

Kim Letkeman said...

Wayne, that's a pinhole camera :-)

Unknown said...

Kim, LOL, too subtle.
I am well, for now, until I am not.
Really ought to have brough the F70 but the F200 played well enough, with the new lens I have the Oly and its 'mini-me' in the F70.
I DO like the versatility!
Wayne I will post some shots of and from the combo soon at my flickr page.
Here is the keeper from todays shooting with the F200;

Kim Letkeman said...

Very nice shot Lili.

Unknown said...

Thanks Kim, it was one of those shots that scream to one as one takes them :)

Adrian said...

Good post. I think you could quite easily project this forward a bit more though. What comes after the inevitable pin hole camera? I think we could get ahead of the game here and start learning about engraving techniques now.