Thursday, September 9, 2010

Oops … Banned Again :-)

This one has been expected for a while … I am really surprised that it took this long.

As I posted a few days ago, the forum has literally gone nuts. The woman in the previous article is now banned and I am banned for participating in a few long winded arguments with people that like to press what we call the “baby button” when they don’t like what they are reading.

What is rather interesting, is that they say that the Fuji forum is responsible for 50% of the daily complaints they receive and they would rather be doing content. My complaints were quite legit … sexual innuendo (he was banned) and new threads with only controversy as the purpose (he also was banned) … so it is strange to me that there were so many complaints. What that really means is that the same cast of whiners hammered away at the button yet again …


Of course, the moderators seem to have missed a number of key people … but maybe there are some sycophants who I would never notice but who love the baby button. It is possible that they just learned to leave it alone :-)

Now, I did forget the rules as they have been laid out to me before … and that is to avoid people who don’t like me :-\

I should therefore never critique certain people as they frankly cannot take anything but an attaboy. Most importantly, I should not respond to the “Chesters” of the world … little doggies that pester and pester and pester … there is no equivalent on the forums of “aaaaaa shaaaadup!” … :-)

Update: This is actually proven true as people are reveling in the constant stream of images (only a small percentage even worth posting) and attaboys that make up the bulk of discourse on the FTF in November 2010. Wow ...


Anyway, no matter … I have written before that gang complaints always end up working eventually and this is no exception. I get a much needed break from the (relatively few) truly vacuous souls whose only purpose is to make ad hominem arguments (against the person, not the technical points made) … and the forum gets some alledgedly much needed rest.

Update: Sitting out a 21 day ban for being the highest source of complaints, fully 50% of all the complaints on DPR itself ... clearly the gang is having a grand old time.

I’m waiting patiently for my F300EXR anyway. So it’s all good …

And while I am at it … ya gotta wonder why some people take these forums so seriously … stalkers I mean …


Adrian said...

I must admit, the bit about 50% of the complaints coming from FTF made me laugh, but I can well believe it!
It's interesting that nobody has responded to Simon's post, I guess everyone just wants to stay under the radar at the moment :)

Kim Letkeman said...

Adrian, of that I have no doubt. The people who did end up getting banned, me, Jada and rattymouse had all gone quiet since the weekend ... it's weird that all the other noise (besides me of course) was coming from a few that are still around. They'll be really careful for a while though :-)

The Naturalist said...

Oh, so you can be snide and snotty but no one else can, eh?

What was that you barfed about censorship, you fucking hypocrite??

And there were a lot of responses to Simon's thread, but he deleted them. But then you knew that, didn't you Kimmy?

Anonymous said...

> The Naturalist said...
> . . .
> But then you knew that, didn't you Kimmy?

Hmmm. Paul or SO, who could The Naturalist be?

jimbo68: "Now Kimmy, teacher has told you once, it's "bated breath", not "baited breath"."

Alpha Beta Photo (GPS?): "a pin head like kimmy"

Ron_M: "Just following your example Kimmy. LOL"

Ron_M: "SNOT! Kimmy you take the cake."

Ron_M: "Just following your example Kimmy. LOL
. . .
And you are dumb enough to keep replying.
. . .
Put your big boy panties on and suck it up. :) "

and a golden oldie from
Dame_Blanche: "Dear Kimmie..."

Slides: "Kimmy croons, my Lord, Kim boo-yah
Jada swoons, my Lord, Kim boo-yah
Such maroons, my Lord, Kim boo-yah
O Lord, Kim boo-yah!"

kasjun: "bye,bye kimmie" (title used for subthread)

tron555: "Kimmy, I am very aware that the probable look of the files will be very close to the F80EXR since . . . your opinion is not the only one that counts, it makes you look very egotistical."

tron555: "Kim Letkeman wrote: "You love to name names by way of insulting me in the 3rd person ... the last few people that got that religion were benched"

That's only your opinion, which is becoming increasingly less and less worthless every day, especially to those of us you constantly insult and try to denigrate ;)"

(end of quotes)

BTW, I discovered yesterday while googling "LOL" and "lulz" that 555 is the Thai representation of LOL because when spoken it sounds like hahaha. Now isn't that interesting.

Kim Letkeman said...

Bill ... your research skills never cease to amaze me :-) ... I suspect Jada because she really is a naturalist. And she appears to have started the fuji_user account and thread. It's exactly the sort of outraged comment she would make. Simon's response was perfect :-)

Anonymous said...

> Kim Letkeman said...
> I suspect Jada because she really is a naturalist. And she appears to have started the fuji_user account and thread. It's exactly the sort of outraged comment she would make. Simon's response was perfect :-)

Thanks, I missed that thread. Yes, I sure looks like LO, whose anger erupted to near insane proportions. This is from her Sept. 5 reply in the "HS10 - ISO1600 & ISO 3200 Examples" train wreck :

> I would imagine that my speaking out the truth - along with the facts will amount to a ban - but I'll be back. Again. And again. And yet again. Put that in your brownie and smoke it. :)

She's baaaaack. :)