Wednesday, May 4, 2011

F550EXR – My Garden 2011 — Just Getting Started

Not much to say yet … we’re North American zone 5b I believe, which is really just to say that plants need to be fairly hardy to tough out the winters here. My original home town of Winnipeg is Zone 2, so plants have to be almost made of ice to survive. Kidding … their English gardens are pretty amazing …

Anyway, as I starting showing around mid-April, my French Lilac was budding then. It has now progressed to tiny florets, which means that next week we’ll be seeing flowers.

And, of course, the tulips are not to be outdone. These are some form or other of hybrid tulips, and I have always been led to believe that these things won’t come back year after year. And yet these things have been going a long time now … at least 5 years. And here they come again …

The rain has helped to green things up … and of course Photoshop made no small contribution :-)

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