Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Future Time Line

Nick posted a link to my Facebook wall and it is fascinating reading. It’s actually hard to remember that there is speculation involved sometimes, as these are very well written and seem extremely plausible.

What is most disturbing about this web site is how the environment is actually destroyed by the extreme short-sightedness of humankind. Who doesn’t find it endlessly tiresome to watch small-minded political and financial interests ignoring the obvious looming disasters around fuel and climate while they focus on getting theirs first?

Reading this timeline snaps all that pettiness into sharp focus, although of course it will not necessarily change much. We’re going to have to watch it all unfold, with much of the more serious damage becoming obvious in our children’s lifetimes …

It’s a great read though, as there is an overall positive tone that technology is advancing fast enough to preserve the human race. Whether we deserve it or not …

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