Sunday, August 28, 2011

No wood for me …

Not talking about little blue pills here, but rather Ikea’s inability to order the Numerar Oak butcher block counter tops in bar top size, as I wanted for my new kitchen counters. Here is what I am trying to build:


A healthy sized kitchen to be sure. The floors will be bamboo – already arrived, but I have delayed the installation until the patio door is replaced with a window, which happens in a week and a half. The cabinets will be Ikea, as they have a magnificent set of shallow drawer base cabinets for my pantry.

But the counters remain up in the air. These are one of the options, but as mentioned the left hand peninsula cannot be ordered for months yet.


Note: The above image shot yesterday at the local Ikea with an F550EXR carried in my front pants pocket. 200 ISO (!) at 1/30s and f/3.5. Keystoning comes from pointing the camera downward. The rest is quite clean and note the total lack of flare on the exposed light near the top. The hyperbole that surrounds this camera is just ridiculous.

So I continue to ponder … Quartz is my first choice, but would be 5 grand. Cough. Granite might be had for 2.5 grand. Cough. Laminate for $1200 installed. Not bad. Butcher block would have been a tad cheaper. Too bad …

What is really grabbing me right now is a porcelain tile counter with very large tiles (24x24 or 12x24) and matching backsplash. Total materials, even for really good tiles, is half the cost of laminate. Obviously, I would have to do the work myself, and it’s not like I don’t have a thousand other things to do … sigh …

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