Monday, August 15, 2011

F600EXR … some further thoughts …

The F600EXR has generated a lot less buzz that its predecessor … but that’s a good thing. The let down for some people (not me) was pretty harsh.

But some people have come up with more new features, so I thought I’d fill in our body of knowledge on these.

Enhanced EXR Auto – 99 shooting patterns is supposed to make the EXR Auto mode make better decisions. I’m glad to hear it, as I thought it had some bad ideas in the past.

Focus tracking for subject movement detection – It is apparently capable of making very smart decisions for shutter speed / ISO based on subject movement. If the subject is not moving, it knows that low shutter speeds allow low ISO. And vice versa. But it appears that this is only going to work in EXR Auto, and that would be a major shame for users who like my settings.

Kaleidoscope flare might be gone – There have been some samples that should have flared and did not. A pre-production unit, but this issue may be addressed, which would be superb.

Rubberized body – This might be cool. Or not, depending on whether it is too sticky for pockets. Available only in black

Landmark Navigator – A much smarter landmark database that can lead you on a tour, I think.

And here’s one I noticed today …

Full HD Movie with enhanced brightness – If they have addressed the brightness problem, then they have sold me a new camera.

While processing my Lion King images, I realized what a great camera the F550 is … the ACR RAW support is incredible and this camera has wonderful detail at 1600 ISO. Very clean imagery. The F600 will likely be better if Fuji have been listening. Their feature list appears to address some of the hot buttons and these sample images appear to show that the lens is excellent and the flare is gone. If so, then GO FUJI!

There are some on the forums who are yet again pounding on Fuji for horrible image quality because their official samples show some clumping in the hair. Some even say that the image looks terrible downsized … like her hair needs washing.

I say bollucks … if you look very closely at her hair, it is obvious that the clumps are real … her hair is dirty. :-)

Also, the image was shot in HR mode, a mistake that Fuji and all reviewers seem to make. That adds to clumping of any hair that happens to be clean with very fine texture. And the downsized image is still pretty nice despite that …


Of course, one could always spike it up a bit …


Anyway … looks like a pretty nice cam to me.

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