Friday, October 26, 2012

Panasonic Micro 4/3 – indestructible so far …

Ok, things were not quite that serious … but I visited the Vasamuseet today (on foot, freezing my arse off) and when I left, I was looking at the buildings and a fence upon which the sun was creating a glow. Of course, I stepped off a curb without knowing it was there and took a major spill.

Unfortunately, both cameras were dangling from my wrists …


The beautiful Olympus 45mm is beautiful no more, as you can see above. But it still works and there are no marks on the lens, kudos to Olympus for building a strong lens.

The G5 itself fared very well, ending up with a few “dings” on the bottom oe the body. Note, again I am posting images straight from an extraction from RAW. I am adding a bit of processing tonight … very crude processing in Windows Live Writer. The following is heavily cropped, so it does not look crisp and clear. But it looks ok for a shot from the old 12Mp sensor in the GF3 (using the smaller power zoom lens.)


The G5 also appears to have bounced on its hot shoe. I really hope that this does not impair mounting of flashes on it, but I am prepared to use the needle nose pliers if necessary to make that work again.


The GF3 was much less lucky, although it too continues ot function completely normally.


The wrist strap was destroyed completely. Samyang lens escaped unscathed, which really surprised me. Of course, this is because the body took a fearsome blow …


Bottom left corner … both the LCD and the body were crushed. Amazingly, the LCD still works. This has never in my experience been the case. Huge kudos to Panasonic for building a near indestructible camera!


The whole bottom corner is crushed in. And not only does it still work, it works perfectly. You cannot see the damage on the LCD when it is lit up.

So go ahead and say it … “What were you thinking?”

My question right back is … “How could I have been thinking at all?”

The infamous Letkeman brain fart. A fitting way to end my Stockholm trip, yes?