Thursday, October 25, 2012

Where is Kim?

Yes, I have gone silent again. This time it is because I am in Stockholm and have been up to my eyeballs in work to prepare for a workshop that I delivered in Kista (pronounced sheesta) on Tuesday and for a presentation I gave today in Stockholm. I think I saw the sun come up something like 6 times in the last few weeks and I am run ragged.

But, I have also had some fun here … for example, I was in Gamla Stan (old town) the other night and managed to get myself thoroughly lost when trying to walk across the bridges to the island on which my hotel is situated. A couple of wrong turns and there I was walking up a very steep hill on a road covered entirely in cobble-stones … it branched off and seemed to go up forever. Beautiful place when one is not stuck in an unfamiliar neighbourhood at around midnight with deserted streets :-)


Eventually, a gentleman came home and I walked back down to him and asked for directions, which he gave after telling me that I was really turned around. I was to climb some tall stairs and then go find a Subway and walk up the street next to it for a long way. Something like that. I found some stairs to climb …


But after that I saw no Subway etc. Still, I eventually hit Gotgatan, which was the street I was seeking. And it took me where I wanted to go. A long walk in freezing temperatures, but quite satisfying.

We have had little sunlight, but i have still managed to get some good images, so all is not lost.

The autumn leaves are gorgeous here.


The number of bicycles people commute with is pretty breathtaking. Paths are dedicated and you don’t want to walk there.



I even cheated my diet with the most delicious apple strudel I have ever tasted. Probably that way because I have not had one in so long …


More bicycles on my walk home last night.


Anyway … lovely city, great food. And most people speak quite good English along with their Swedish.

Note: All images are jpegs extracted from RAW files with zero processing from the Panasonic G5.