Sunday, February 10, 2013

House of Cards – Brain fart …

Brilliant series. I mean it. Kevin Spacey is as good as I have ever seen him and the writing is twisted and intricate. Worthy of the best political thrillers.

I did notice, however, that sometimes they get tiny details wrong, Here is an example (and I will avoid spoilers so just imagine that this is something that happens in episode 11.)

A man and his wife walk out onto their stoop to speak to gathered reporters. There are numerous cameras in the crowd, and they are shooting with flash, which makes sense since shadow fill can really help outdoor images.

But what does not make sense is that one of them is bouncing the flash.


Where, exactly, is that light supposed to go?

All the others have it right and the boom mics all have their wind protection on … so the scene is almost perfect.


Just thought I’d amuse myself and mention it ….