Friday, February 15, 2013

Smart Wristwatches – The next big thing or a bad idea?

My first reaction to this concept is that I cannot imagine it taking of. After all, I gave up the wristwatch gladly when the smartphone took off. I hate wearing a watch, period.

But the following video makes a pretty good case for using a smart watch like “Pebble,” as in many case you simply do not want to reach in your pocket to take out the phone. The Pebble puts the application most appropriate to your current activity front and center and within view all the time. That’s really something.

The video is fairly slick for a startup, but I must admit that crappy audio with periods of hiss strikes me as incredibly amateurish. I take care of that within the first minute of mastering my videos, as I consider audio to be the most important part of a video (which is why theaters have huge sound systems.)

Anyway, the original article is here:

Enjoy …