Friday, September 20, 2013

Some people are just a-holes …

I saw this cute article in a quick lunchtime surf and felt like commenting on one of the points it made … click on the image to see the article itself.


I went to Sweden last week and found that my patience for assholes is starting to wear thin. On the flight from Arlanda to Heathrow on the way back, I sat in the middle seat on a 737, so you know I was already not very happy. I folded my arms across my chest and tucked them in as far as I could so I would have the illusion of my own space. I am a good traveller to sit beside … trust me.

But the guy in the aisle seat was a total asshole. Tall with a huge gut, he sat there and read his iPhone for most of the flight. He would switch hands every 45 minutes or so, so I spent at least 90 minutes of the flight with his left elbow in my side and my arm – despite being pulled way into my tiny space – touching his arm. He was oblivious. No doubt one of those guys who is used to getting his way because of his height.

Anyway … assholes are everywhere and I would have liked to redecorate his face by the end of the flight (I actually fantasized certain moves from my karate days with my right elbow :-) … but I am, as I said, a nice traveller to sit with so he skated on the violations of my personal space :-)