Monday, October 6, 2014

Fuji S1 versus HS50EXR – Review Part 30 – SDXC compatibility …

There is a bug in the assigning of “date modified” time stamps in the HS50EXR as documented here:

In short, for SDXC cards that are formatted in camera, the capture time is correctly set but the file creation time is incorrectly set by –13 hours. A silly error in the firmware that does not appear to have ever been fixed.

So I thought it worth a very quick test to see if the S1 has that bug.

And it does not.

I loaded each camera with this card:

With each camera, I shot an image of my favorite current time site. I show here the HS50EXR first and then the S1.

The capture times came out fine …

But then we look at the RAF files in explorer, and we see the problem …


The HS50 gets the file creation time wrong but the S1 does not.