Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Winter is Leave

The 5 days starting on Christmas Eve were remarkably tame. Cloudy for the most part, but warm. The snow meted at a staggering rate, and none has come to replace it. Today we had a gorgeous cloudless day, but the cold has returned with a vengeance.

So I went for a walk with some of my cameras to capture this late fall / late spring vista in the dead of winter. It is such a nice respite … Sophie even enjoyed a long walk today (before the photographic walk) because there was enough sun-warmed pavement for her to tolerate being out in the cold weather for half an hour.

The GX1 and Samyang 7.5mm Fisheye make a nice combination to capture my street a few houses down from my own yard. You can see my garage door and our cars at the far right edge.

The G6 with 14-140 sees the image like this …

And the GM1 with the 12-32 gets a bit wide, but still nowhere near the fisheye …

Considering that I accidentally left the GM1 set to 1000 ISO, I really like the tonality of that sensor. I think I will need to replace the GX1 with a GX7 one day.

Meanwhile, turning around we see the sun in the southwestern sky with the GX1, just over the houses. The sun never gets all that high in the sky at this time of year of course.

Facing east again, my yard has a yield sign that is warmed nicely by late afternoon sun. The G6 makes short work of subject isolation with the 14-140, here at 91mm (182mm EFL.)

A shot facing southeast with the moon hanging just above the trees. It will be hanging in a very nice location later thie evening. If I can stand the cold, I may pop out to get a few images. This G6 with 14-140 is at 78mm (156mm EFL) here.

The G6 again at 126mm EFL … as I said, it’s cold today.

The G6 once again … my neighbour’s Hydrangea looks great with the snow gone again. His new Blue Spruce makes a nice background.

Even though it’s only mid-afternoon, the shadows are long at 28mm EFL on the G6. But there is no snow at least Smile

The forecast calls for another lovely day tomorrow, albeit with a few clouds in the sky. But 2015 opens with snow on 3 of the first 4 days, with something like 15cm spread over those days. Can’t wait …