Thursday, December 11, 2014

National Geographic Fat Shaming Sign Debunked

A sign showing a skinny silhouette with an arrow pointing to the stairs and a fat silhouette with an arrow pointing to the escalator is a very unsubtle form of fat shaming. One was used in a National Geographic video documenting behaviors and their causes. No doubt they thought it was for a good cause, but of course it was based on a complete bullshit premise, actually two. That fat people never take the stairs, and that taking the stairs prevents obesity.

Ridiculous assertions that nevertheless find their way into society through the musings of the uneducated and the downright mean.

But you should read the coverage of this story and take a look at the original clip from the video at Yoni Freedhoff’s blog Weighty Matters.

Meanwhile, I’ll embed the video that Yoni made showing that even the world’s foremost experts on obesity know that taking the escalator is not going to seriously impact your weight loss goals.

The old adage “you can’t outrun your stomach” is as true today as it ever was …