Tuesday, February 17, 2015

An Open Letter to Those Who Spout Anti-Vaccination Rhetoric

Warning: I am angry about this issue. If you are delicate and easily offended by language then maybe you will want to give the rest of this a pass ….

To the selfish and the stupid anti-vaccination culture – please do some reading outside the context of your hive-mind. The information is out there and all you have to do is look. I am providing some of it down below, so keep reading.

The herd immunity that beat measles in the first place is systematically being destroyed by these legions of the selfish and the stupid, and you all had better believe that those of cogent mind will not stand for this forever. Get it together now, before we start to lose good people because of the uninformed decisions of people like yourselves.

Case in point: Do you know why Polio is gone, and will not be coming back? Well, here is the answer – people like my parents did their civic duty and had the overwhelming majority of children in North America vaccinated against Poliomyelitis.

P1010941_DMC-GM1_24 mm_ISO 200_1-125 sec at f - 5.0(thanks go to to my sister Terry for forwarding this to me from my mother’s effects)

So start doing your goddamned civic duty and get your kids and yourselves immunized!

Addendum: Some light reading about why the human brain is wired to link two events that happened to occur around the same time or one after another. This is for those of you who believe everything spouting from the mouths of celebrities.


Note that thinking people get over their misconceptions when the overwhelming scientific evidence says that they are full of shit. And the legions of selfish and stupid proponents of anti-vaccination rhetoric need to get down to some actual thinking, because they are completely full of shit.

Addendum 2:

Addendum 3: A little education for those who so desperately need it …

Addendum 4: History of anti-vaccination movements …


Note in there that there have been no links found in major national studies. It always seems to start with a celebrity abusing their notoriety or a group of insipid thinkers creating a wasteful shit-storm of protest with mob-think being about the only common thread (and to be clear – mob-thinking is not thinking.) This led at one point to successive waves of whooping cough outbreaks in the United Kingdom. That’s a lot of unnecessary misery …