Friday, December 14, 2007

First Post

Time to join the blogging generation I suppose ... add my own lame thoughts to the lame thoughts of thousands of others that clutter (pollute?) the Internet.

Something interesting happened today ... my son sat a
Mythology exam and had his bag -- containing his laptop, iPod, headphones, several text books and some other stuff -- ripped off from a sea of bags sitting in the gym.

It is slightly possible that it was moved or picked up accidentally and will be in the lost and found at some point in the next few days ... but I'm not holding my breath as the thief made a phone call to a friend on my son's phone right away, in my opinion confirming that it was taken intentionally.

If it is really gone, then I can only say that humanity never quite fails to disappoint.

Update: We made a report and this was apparently one of several such incidents. Imagine taking advantage of students at their most vulnerable right at Christmastime. What an incredibly sad statement on society ...

My son is beside himself ... last night he repeated over and over that he couldn't believe that this sort of thing can happen at a sacred institute of higher learning! He thought he had left all that kind of thinking behind years ago ... I suppose its nice that some in this generation are able to take such a generous view of our society.

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