Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Tragically Hip in Brockville

On Thursday, 21 February 2008, the Tragically Hip -- a great Canadian rock band -- played the Brockville Arts Center to a small audience ... about 500 people. The sound system was pretty good and the lighting was first-rate. The show was just like the Hip in Ottawa last year, but the set list was to die for (so say the kids.)

I rented a van so I could take my two kids and 3 of Nick's buddies ... the older boys had a team pitcher at Brockville's local Boston Pizza before the concert, so they were ready for a good time, and they were not disappointed at all.

Gord Downey was in fine form. If you have not seen this band live, then you owe it to yourself to see them at your next opportunity. They are truly spectacular. Never mind the music, which is just plain great. The entertainment factor never quits ... Gord does all kinds of strange stuff, like painting the audience while he lets them sing one of his songs ... and he constantly dances like he is in a trance. It is something to behold.

I saw them last year in Ottawa ( and really enjoyed myself there. Here are a couple of my favourite images from that show ... shot with my son's Fuji F10 while my F11 was in the shop:

Here are some of the images from last Thursday's show (, shot with the F11:

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