Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nick Home from Leeds -- Again :-)

Man ... this kid is always coming home from Leeds. This time he came back from visiting his girlfriend, whom he met last year while studying at Leeds. He had an exhausting trip back ... 3 to 4 hour delay in Heathrow, missed connection, cancellation of last flight of the night from Toronto, night at the hotel, had to wait an hour for the shuttle at 2am, flight in the morning sits on tarmac for over two hours, he gets off and books at noon ... that flight actually made it to Ottawa on time ... if you can call three screwed up flights and almost 18 hours "on time" :-)

So after I picked him up we went for Pho ... he had really missed it ...

The F70EXR captures the moment ...

Really weird colors in these as the room light was augmented with a lot of blue daylight from a huge front window.

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