Sunday, December 20, 2009

Nick's Wizard Party 2009

Nick had a wizard party last night with some of his friends. For the uninitiated, a wizard party entails the purchase of enough beer to drink your height ... the mechanism is to drink a beer, then duct tape another can onto the empty and crack that beer and drink it. Repeat until you have a staff taller than you. At that point, you become a wizard.

Nick's friend RMac (Ryan) became a wizard first. His friend Staples (Chris) became a wizard second. Rowboat (Rob) was third, and Nick never made it. His friend Aaron drank from bottles and was thus ineligible to become a wizard, although he apparently drove the porcelain bus the next morning and so should be considered an honorary wizard.

They played the Nintendo 64 all evening (yes, you read that right ... in a house with an XBox 360 and a Sony PS3, they chose to play the old Nintendo) ... and was it ever LOUD. I have my bedroom door closed and the music on pretty loud and it was entirely overwhelmed ... :-)

Some images from the party ... not exhaustive, but you get the idea ...

Robbie tries to tape another beer onto his staff ... he has apparently purchased one of the few beers that cannot stack well ... by round 7 this is really, really funny ...

Round 7 begins ...

Much later ... round 10 I think ...

Pretty much the end of the party ... everyone if very happy :-)

Ryan ... Wizard #1 ...


drpankajshukla said...

I hope u do not mind me asking u this but how do u manage to impart the glow to the skin of the subjects that u shoot?[I will be obliged if u can share the steps with me ! I have seen it in quite a few portraits of yours !
It is quite a eye catcher, even in the thumbnails !
Imean I am able to give the skin the smooth finish /look by using the high pass filter followed by the gaussian blur !this followed by a mask and a brush to make changes locally !but the glow does not come ! Kindly help !

Kim Letkeman said...

The glow technique:

1) New layer.
2) Blend mode screen.
3) Gaussian blur to taste.
4) Opacity to taste.

You will be left with more or less softness and glow. It can be used to create a lovely high key look, or just add a subtle glow to skin.

drpankajshukla said...

Thanks very much Kim for the tips !
Yes it WORKS for me !
I could appreciate both ends of the spectrum that you mentioned -the subtle as well as the high key look !