Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winter Photography

My tests of the Fuji F70EXR and the Panny ZS3 have had my hands frozen to blocks of ice ... and the rest of me not in much better shape. I've decided that I think I need to figure out how to survive in the cold properly to get these wonderful images.

A couple of other bloggers have put up some superior articles on exactly this topic, so I thought I would share them.

Sherry Osborne posted an article called Photography in the Extreme Cold on the Digital Photography School blog. You'll find several great tips on how to dress and how to protect your gear. You'll also find a link to a great article on photography mittens on the Knitting on Impulse blog.

Although they look cute ... the real secret is that they have exactly one opening in them, with which you may extract a finger to twiddle a dial or button. Warm and cozy, yet functional. Very clever. I wonder where I could get a pair of those ... any knitters out there wanna take a stab?


drpankajshukla said...

Thanks for your response !
I did spend some more time at your site !
While I was there I got the feel that yours is very well nutured site -- I mean you have put in a lot of love and commitment into making it what it is as of now -- in the process, lesser hobbyists like myself and others come in to gather a handfull of advise ,every now and then !
Yes I do utilise your words of guidence on the recommended F70settings for shooting!
Yes I did see the stunning images of the little girl at the hair dresser's !

With respect to your comments about thejpeg out put of the F200 , do u feel that the S200 is at an advantage owing to it's faster lense and option of RAW output as compared to the G11 and the LX3?

The site called Steve's digicams praises the G11 as stellar output at high iso's [1600 and 3200] but does not mention the S200 in comparison [which I feel he should have done since the high ISO out put is pretty close ]- He says that the if the jpeg out put of G11 is oversharpened it begins to equal that of the LX3 !
I wanted to ask u if the S200 out put can be subjected to some such processing factor in order to touch the G11 /LX3 benchmark!

I am attracted to the lense reach of the S200 so if I can arrive at some manipulation strategy wherein the high iso out put will better the G11/LX3 i can go for it !

Moreover I was surprised to find that the DXO sensor rating [gaining world wide approval rapidly ] have placed the G11/S90 sensor [same sensor] above the LX3 !
However I was shocked to find that they have not listed the F200 nor the S200 nor the F70 at all !
This is despite the fact that they have even featured an article on the photosite array in the S3/5 Pro series so it cannot just be plain oversight !
They seem to be ignoring the EXR technologgy on purpose ![ to my mind]

I request you to kindly overlook any errors that I may have made[Owing to my novice status in the field of digital imaging ] in my note above to you and kindlyhelp me clarify my understanding in the concerned issue!

Kim Letkeman said...

Wow ... long question :-)

The S200 doesn't really have a faster lens, so it is really a battle of the RAW engines. My guess is that the main difference is the 10mp versus 6mp ... and I don't know what that will do in RAW. We'll need to see tests, and I don't know if anyone will ever do a real head to head.

Steve's shot the S200 extremely poorly. The high ISO shots are all full rez, which means that the camera had no chance. Maybe DPR will do better.

The S200 is much bigger than the G11 or LX3, but I presume that you know that. The images I have seen look pretty nice. I know that the F70 images are nice as well and that I could do amazing things given access to RAW. But I do not shoot the S200EXR so I can only presume that it would be possible to get great 6mp high ISO images.

DXO probably has a real issue testing the EXR technology. They would have to have the EXR appear twice in the list. Once at high rez and once at medium rez (binned.) I hope they eventually do it.

DXO can never show the F series cams because they work only on RAW images.

drpankajshukla said...

Thanks for your response Kim !
Based on your encouraging comments of the S200 I feel even more inclined towards it![the size is not a deterrant -since I will still have the adv of not having to think of which lenses to carry with the DSLR]
I hope my management agrees for the purchase !