Tuesday, February 15, 2011

F300EXR meets old coffee cup … L vs. M reprised …

I have the coffee cup at work that has seen better days. I looked in it today and realized that it has hardened into a rather gross-looking mass at the bottom of the cup …


That’s shot at 100 ISO looking straight down the barrel of the cup at 24mm in macro mode. Cool :-)

Now, let’s get a bit closer in both Large mode and Medium mode – binned and blended for higher dynamic range, which will translate into a softer tone curve with much quieter highlights …



L 4:3


At this size, they both look fine. Lots of details (macro always helps that with Fuji’s jpeg engine since details are larger and thus more immune to the NR.)

The harsher tone curve looks nice on the L version, another bonus at this web sizes …

Now let’s zoom in and compare directly …


Ignore the 5mp caption … brain fart … it is 6mp :-)

That is one very interesting comparison. The 12mp image has some details in it that are missing from the 6mp image that has been upsized to match. On the other hand, a lot of the edges on the upsized 5mp image show better gradations and integrity. Which would matter were the image enlarged.

I have always preferred the much more 3D look of binned images. The HR images always have a flattened look to them. YMMV.

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