Tuesday, February 15, 2011

White Peppermint Cookies – F300EXR

My mother has always baked several varieties of Christmas cookies for the holiday season, and one of my favorites was the peppermint cookies with chocolate icing.

Jonathan’s enjoyment of baking turned into pressure recently for me to get this specific recipe from my mother, so I wrote it down the other day over the phone. The recipe is a little tricky, so she was worried that he would have difficulty getting the right feel for the dough.

Well … I got home Sunday evening from helping to repair a disaster left behind by some rather incompetent movers and Jon had already baked a full batch of the cookies. Most impressive.


These things are soft and chewy and stay that way for a long time. Mmmmm …

But we were missing cocoa for the icing, so off we went to pick that up. The icing is also tricky in that it must have just the right amount of butter for a nice taste but not so much that the icing refuses to harden. Well, here Jon was not quite so lucky.


They seemed to be drying well enough on the counter. None of the chocolate ran very far down the cookies …


They seemed dry enough to be stacked in several Tupperware containers for transport to a party with his friends where they ate every single one. We kept a couple of small containers around and they are going fast …

Of course, no post would  be complete without a portrait of the baker. Jon’s becoming famous for refusing to be photographed, so I have only two images to display. The best I could get :-)



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