Monday, May 14, 2012

Disgusting people, disgusting world …

People who pray on the weak, the vulnerable, the retired … they make me think that there is room for severe and drastic punishments like “an eye for an eye”, “the death penalty” … anything to send the message that ripping people off and destroying their lives IS NOT OK!

My friend Sue posted a link to a blog that referenced this horrid video outlining how the scammers on the Internet are ruining lives in a highly coordinated and orchestrated way. For those who are desperate to achieve wealth but who have no realistic chance to do so of their own volition – short of winning a lottery – these scams are deadly.

I’m a pretty cynical guy and a critical thinker and even I can feel the pull of these scams when perpetrated on me. I let a couple of guys into my house to inspect my water heater when I was *certain* they were scamming me. But their pitch was extremely effective (and almost certainly illegal) … they later discovered that they could not rip me off and they vanished like smoke. I later thought … what if they had been lunatics with an entirely different agenda?

My point … nothing is free and nothing is easy … so when someone is making these promises, he is full of shit. Even someone that looks respectable on the surface like Tony Robbins. Still full of shit.