Sunday, May 13, 2012

HS25 Review – Part 11 – LvsM again … this time at the *same* ISO …

People are stubborn. All of us. Once we’ve bought in, there is little that can shake us out of our commitment.

And since my recent LvsM article left a slight amount of room to equivocate – the M image was shot at 160iso and the L image at 400iso, I thought it best to do it again with both images at identical exposures and ISO. So … 1000iso in the shady forest ought to so the trick.

We have leaves and branches and trunk and bark … all kind of interesting textures to smooth over, if that’s what shows up.

Obviously, you should click on it to get it into your browser and then click again to expand to full size. And what you will see is the usual texture that looks like it was shot through a screen. You will see edge integrity issues and general smoothing by noise reduction.

The upsized M image is *much* more convincing. It looks 3-dimensional, whereas I find a close look at L sized images always leaves me cold. There is no sense of being there. Rather, it usually looks like staring at a painting …

Anyway, YMMV … but it shouldn’t.