Sunday, May 13, 2012

Photography abuse … don’t do it …

I accidentally wiped this post out by reusing the window in Windows Live Writer. It simply overwrites whatever you had there before. You need to always start a new post explicitly. Duh.

So here it is again. The following ad continues to pop up now and again and it is extremely misleading. An abuse of photography for financial gain. Booooooo …..

The trick they are referring to is total bullshit. The real trick is two-fold:

  1. She tilts her head downward in the before image. This accentuates the neck and chin folds. She faces the camera straight on in the after image, which will smooth out the face and neck, as anyone who has been photographed already knows.
  2. The light in the before image is coming from above. This accentuates every crease and crevice (a.k.a. wrinkle) as the light creates small shadows. The light in the after image is direct flash from the front. A classic faux pas in photography, but one that is useful here, because it fills in every wrinkle with light. Effectively rendering them invisible.


News at 11 … marketing team misleads viewers Smile