Friday, May 4, 2012

HS25 Review – Part 4 – Low light modes

So … how well do the two low light modes stand up to a tripod at 100 ISO? Interesting question.

I shot at 35mm (about 191mm equivalence) on a tripod with IS off and got four images in L4:3 at DR100, M4:3 at DR400, SP mode – Pro Low Light, and SN EXR mode. The latter two are hand held modes and tend to choose higher ISOs,  so let’s see what you give up when you go that way.

click to expand. Remember to click again in your browser to see full size.

So … no contest. 100 ISO in either L or M size stomps the daylights out of pro low light or SN mode. Between the latter two, I find the text a bit more readable in SN mode, so that’s probably the better mode. I suppose I should have shown PASM DR400 mode by comparison. Maybe next test …