Monday, September 3, 2012

For sale … all of my compacts!

Yes, it is time to revamp my collection. I am not using them any more, except for the F550EXR, and even that needs to be modernized. So they are going up for sale.

I will try to sell through this blog for a while, then I will move to Fred Miranda or eBay or both.

DSC_7265_NIKON D7000_35 mm_ISO 640_0.5 sec at f - 10

There they are, ready to go. I am even letting my trusty F11 go, as I have no use for it any more. Perhaps someone out there will be interested. It certainly works better than any other camera in this group for pixel peeping :-)

I am going to try to walk the line between getting enough to make it worth selling and yet charging little enough so that I feel like I am offering a good value. EBay prices are running a little high … I believe that I am currently below every low price that exists on EBay. Or very close.

I will accept only PayPal and only if you have a confirmed address. In other words, exactly what the online retailers require.

These prices that are net to me, so you have to add shipping and import fees on top of what you see here. All cameras come with the original box and original contents. I will include a spare battery with each camera. No SD card, though, since anyone interested in these already has more than a few of those, and they cost pennies these days. Condition is “used” on all of them, but they all look very good. There are some dings on the F550EXR and the F70EXR, as in small chips in the finish on the edges.

If you are interested in one or more of these cameras, please send me email. Click on my face at the top of the page in the right hand column and you will be set up in an email to me. No low-ball offers please. Don’t insult my intelligence. I would sooner keep them than sell them at fire sale prices. Sorry.

So … without further ado:

Panasonic ZS3 – superb video camera, excellent all round shooter. $130 to me. Samples at:, and

Wintersleep complete, at the Capital City Music Hall.

Rita McNeil and the Men of the Deeps – Working Man

Kim Dunn

Fuji F11 – first of the 6mp gems with manual control (F10 was fully auto.) $120 to me. Samples at:,,,,,,,,,,

F70EXR – first of the new long zooms and the only one with the 10mp sensor. $130 to me. Samples at:,,,,,,

Postdata at the Black Sheep Inn – very dark venue
Amazing Talk Box performance

F300EXR – First of the 360mm zooms, 12mp sensor, best white balance in the series. $130 to me. Samples at:,,

Josh Ritter at the Capital Music Hall

F550EXR – First of the 16mp sensors, and first Fuji compact to shoot RAW. Superb image quality for a compact, if shot correctly. $170 to me. Samples at:,,,,,, (first 66 images),, (last 18 images), (last 69 images)

Roger Daltry plays Johnny Cash
Roger Daltrey plays Tommy (Complete)
Bruce Cockburn plays If I Had a Rocket Launcher