Saturday, September 29, 2012

Some phones are just unlucky …

Nick has been using my old iPhone 3G since I got the Galaxy sIII (seen holding the iPhone up – a demonstration of the size of the newer screen) a while ago. And last night the phone apparently found its way into the street and was crushed, probably by a car.

The phone works perfectly, by the way, but it is time to get the third new digitizer glass … I will order on eBay tonight. Also visible are the edges of every piece of packing tape that is covering the busted glass. This allows the phone to be used while we wait for the arrival of the new digitizer front glass.

Panasonic gf3 + 14-42 PZ vario power ois  1600iso  f/5.6  1/13

This image was shot under my blue LED kepboard light, hance the extreme nature of the fingerprints, dust, and the cracks in the glass. You can pretty much tell that a tire rolled over it at an angle, thus causing a crush injury to the corners. Bummer.

Replacing the glass takes me perhaps 20 minutes now … and it will be literally as new again … but this is one unlucky phone.