Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The very definition of why I think Conservatives are a dangerous bunch …

On the one hand, the right thing happened today …

Motion to study when life begins defeated in Parliament

On the other hand, a number of members of cabinet and even some Liberals voted for the motion, and that’s just plain scary.

It comes down to who is in charge of a woman’s own body. And there can be only one answer to that, despite the presence of older gentlemen and ladies (wing nuts, if you ask me) who think that they somehow have the right to dictate what rights others have over their own physicality.


Example quote from the article (click the headline above to access the actual article):

Critics said the motion was an excuse to re-open the debate on abortion in Canada and set limits on the procedure. Woodworth had said he hoped having a debate would convince Canadians to oppose abortion.

I certainly hope that Justin Trudeau manages to win the Liberal leadership so that we finally have a serious alternative to the Conservative party at the federal level. These guys just scare me. Some of them sound like Rick Santorum, and that should have people quaking and peeing themselves with fright.