Friday, September 7, 2012


I wish I had it. I am an “opportunistic” photographer, in that I shoot what I see in front of me, and rarely create a shot. I *never* manage to come up with an altogether clever concept for an image.

Thus, I don’t bother much with photo contests any more (since totally dominating the open category at for several years), as you mostly can’t win with technically strong images alone. You need to either shoot a baby, kitten or puppy, or a gorgeous landscape, or you need to come up with something extremely clever.

This is what I mean by extremely clever … it is one of the top 8 images at gettyimages® right now, according to an iStockPhoto email I just received.


Now, I do not like the lighting or tone very much on this image. But the concept is extremely clever and I cannot help but be very impressed. Fabulous work, on the conceptual score.

Click on the image to see it in situ.

Creativity … I wish I had it in this form.